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Hold W to dig underground!

Go under anything, do surprise attacks!"

The mole is the fourth animal in, and the land equivalent of the Squid and Seal.


The mole:


They are a dark shade of grey, with a bright pink nose and slightly darker pink paws; on that note, they are also the first animal in the game to have paws.

A mole moving underground


It is recommended to bite a larger animal when burrowing to skip mole. BEWARE: After upgrading you can no longer go into small holes and you will have to run from what ever animal you bit. OR, to solve this problem, evolve into a ocean animal and you'll be fine. (Unless you spawn next to a predator, then good luck :D)

If you don't bite anyone and if you are being chased by a predator, go into a hiding hole next to, or near a hill and dig through the hill. The animal chasing you (Unless it's a bear, gorilla, polar bear or walrus) will most likely give up if you do this.



  • Prior to the October 27th update, moles upgraded from Hippo, and were the twelfth and penultimate animal in the game, being able to eat almost all animals below it.
  • It is the only animal to be moved in the upgrade chain NOT to go up it. It went from:
  • From Hippo and to Dragon.
  • From Cheetah and to Bear.
  • From Deer and to Zebra.
  • From Fox and to Deer.
  • From Pig and to Fox.
  • It is the animal that was moved the most in the upgrade chain.
  • In a past update, moles could bite each other's tail like Dragons or Krakens.
  • It is the only animal that can burrow.
  • It is the first land animal to have a special ability, the next being Rhino.
  • Prior to January 18 2017, moles couldn't dive.
  • When burrowing in water spots, you dive in them, making them the lowest animal to be able to go on water spots, however when it resurfaces it gets kicked out of it
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