FANDOM Mobile is a mobile version of that you can find on the app store for both Apple and Android mobile devices. You can download it by typing it in the app store or playstore or just clicking the iOS and Android buttons on the main game! The mobile is the exact same version of the game. It's techinaclly not an app because it's just the web but hides a few stuff. The changelog and how to play are missing. For you to control your animal you need to move your finger to where it wants to move! Also there is a RUN button in the left corner, if you press it will make you go faster. If you have an ability, you are in water there will be an ability button above the RUN button. There is also the CHAT button in the left top corner right next to the Leaderboard!


  • There is so many copies of the mobile version on google play
  • There used to be a UP and DOWN next to the CHAT button in Sandbox (beta).