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Do you dislike Discussions? Do you miss the days of the good ol’ Forum, & refuse to allow Fandom to drag you into modernity? Then this is the place for you!

Here is a slice of the past living in the present, where Forums still exist. Though it is true that the Old Forums are quite dead, we have the next best thing; Message Walls. We have six unused accounts whose Message Walls serve as Forum Boards, & they all operate the same way as the Old Forums. Each Board has guidelines, but so long as you stay within those guidelines, you’re golden.

Well, what are you still doing reading this? Pick a board, post your topic, & let the conversations begin!

Announcements Board

On this Board, Staff will post news & announcements about the Wiki.

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Violation Reporting Board

On this Board, you may report vandals, spammers, harassment, or any other unsavory behavior that requires the intervention of an Administrator.

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Q&A Board

On this Board, you can ask questions about, about the Wiki, about coding, or anything really. Helpful users will come & lend you a hand!

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Petitions Board

On this Board, you may make suggestions, request code or article additions, petition new rules, lobby to change existing rules, et cetera.

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General Discussion Board

Is your topic about, the Wiki, or anything remotely tied into If yes, then this is the right board for you!

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Off-Topic Board

On this Board anything goes! Forum games? Do it! Lamenting the death of the Old Forums? Hey, we all gotta cry somewhere. Post to you heart’s content.

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The Franken Forum is not permanent, it is just a temporary measure that will allow Wikians a modicum of time to slowly integrate to Discussions (they won’t last forever because Message Walls won’t last forever either). Post to your heart’s content, but make sure you are aware that Discussions are ultimately inevitable.

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