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These are the official rules for the wiki.

Please make sure to follow them, Failure to follow the rules will result in a punishment/strike from the admins.

1-All edits must be earned. If you want to have alot of edits, then edit the articles, DO NOT SPAM COMMENTS to get edits, since this will be considered edit farming and is prohibited.

2-As much as possible, do not use profanity. If usage cannot be stopped, please use them in a non-offensive way.

3-Do not harass other users

4-No staff member shall abuse their powers,; if caught abusing, then he/she will get her rights removed.

5-Only add true pages. Always make sure that the page you are created is true and correct. If you think it is real and a content mod or admin deleted it, please give proof that the page deserves to exist.

6-All the info everyone will put on the pages MUST be real and not fake.

7-When applying for staff, cheating via alt accounts is not allowed.

8- When majorly editing a page, make sure you put what you edited in the edit summary. If it is a minor edit, then you do not need to put something in the edit summary.

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