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A patch of mud.

Mud is a brown-colored terrain feature exclusive to the mainland area that slows down most animals that come in contact with it. However, Pigs, Crocodiles, Rhinos, Dragons and Hippos are able to swim/fly quickly through mud. Mushrooms often spawn in mud. Mud also slowly regenerates your water. It also spawn blackberries and pears and regenerates water.

Animals that move fast in mud


  • On the first update of the game, there was a bug that let animals have an extremely fast-boost by boosting inside the mud. However, this bug was already fixed.
  • Sometimes there will be small brown dots around the mud, similar to lakes.
    • This is to make the mud look more realistic.
  • On the Feb. 10 update, water no longer spawns in mud due to the fact that mud regenerates your water.
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