Mushrooms are a food item in Animals below Pigs, Crabs, and Penguins are unable to eat them. Some, like Pigs, are able to eat Mushrooms along with Berries. They spawn relatively infrequently, compared to Berries, but give out more XP. You can shoot water to Mushrooms to make them separate into some 5-7 small Berries or 3-5 large Berries or even more.

Halloween "purple" Mushroom

The look of the normal Mushroom changed with the Halloween update and switched back to normal later.The Halloween skin looked the same, except for the part that the light brown part was purple


The Halloween skin of the mushroom

Red Mushroom

Has many names but in the code it is referred to as "o_BigMushroom", hence giving it the name "Big Mushroom", Sometimes referred as Red Mushroom. There is a chance for Red Mushrooms to spawn on islands in lakes. These rarer variety of mushrooms are edible only by Fox and the animals above it. They award 400 XP for each mushroom, but deer only receive 200 XP per mushroom and fox only 150 XP. If you shoot water at it, it will separate into a lot of Berries and some normal mushrooms. Red Mushrooms were added in the October 23rd update. It has been unofficially dubbed the "Super Mushroom", because the Super Mushrooms in New Super Mario Bros. are red, and it is essentially a Mushroom that gives more XP and cannot be eaten by Pigs or Moles.

Mushroom bush


A zebra eating a mushroom bush.

Mushroom Bush spawn around Big Mushroom and 2/3 chance of a normal Mushroom. These are the only type of source that is generated that can be eaten. They can be eaten by Zebra/Turtle/MuskOx + and above, for 1,200 - 3,000 XP per bush, but it takes 12 bites to eat a Mushroom Bush. Mushroom Bushes were added on the October 26th update. There was a bug at which mushroom bushes didn't give xp that was fixed on April 9th.The look of the normal mushroom bush changed with Halloween update and switched back to normal later.The Halloween skin looked the same, except for the Mushroom, which was Purple.


The halloween skin of the mushroom bush


  • Mushrooms were added when the game was released.
  • Before October 24th, instead of a Big Mushroom, there was a Dark Berry. This was replaced in a past update, however.
  • There was a bug that made it so all animals could eat the mushroom bush making a Mouse go straight to Fox
  • Elephants can eat mushroom bushes instantly with their trunk
  • The Mushroom Bush is actually a Mushroom, on top of a Bush, and that's why it's called "Mushroom Bush"
  • The Halloween Mushroom Bush was the only purple food in the game, until March 14th when the Clam released.
  • Lower animals can burst mushrooms by shooting Water at them.
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