UPGRADED to Muskox!
Press W to charge with your horns!
Plus move decently on ice!

The Muskox is the seventh (7th) Arctic animal in the game. It is the Arctic equivalent to the Zebra, Donkey and Turtle.


The Muskox:

  • Upgrades from the Fox, the Jellyfish or the Arctic Fox at 4.2k XP.
  • Has a maximum XP capacity of 7.9k, at which point it will evolve into either a Cheetah, Wolf or Stingray.
  • Can be eaten by all Animals above it.
  • Can charge when pressing right click or the W key, like the Rhino or the Swordfish. It makes the Muskox rush forward. When an animal is hit by a charging Muskox, the animal is stunned, and loses twice as much health, making the animal easy prey for the Muskox.
  • Can eat every animal from Rabbit to Fox and their ocean/arctic equivalents.


The Muskox takes the appearance of a black circle with a white snout, with 2 black ellipses on the snout and 2 horns.


Leveling up: You will want to eat a few mushroom bushes or collect snow and eat some arctic nuts, this is the fastest current way to level up at this animal.

The Muskox has the ability to charge, similar to the Rhino. When an animal is hit, it takes a drastic amount of damage and is stunned. Use this to quickly consume prey, or even Mushroom Bushes. When there's a predator turn around, charge, and run away. You can also use your ability to bite a predator's tail. When you're in a hiding hole, come out, charge, and BAM! You have free xp and you have time to escape too.



  • It was added in the December 26 Update, along with the Lemming, Arctic Hare, Penguin, Seal, Arctic Fox, Reindeer, Snow Leopard, Walrus, Polar Bear, Wolf and The Yeti!.
  • When it was released, it was called the MuskOx. It was officially renamed on December 28, 2016.
  • It has a charge ability but when it was released it didn't have an animation for it. On January 1, 2017, it got a charge animation.
  • It doesn't have a tail, but it can be bitten. This is probably due to the fact that the Musk Ox without animal images turned on has a tail.
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