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An ocean.

Oceans are regions located on the left-most and the right-most side of the map. They use the exact same mechanics as lakes; they restore water while in it and gives you the capability to dive. Similarly to lakes, most land animals are slowed down in the oceans, with the exceptions of a few animals that can swim faster in water. The oceans are connected by two rivers with opposing currents. Oceans have chunks of land called islands that function similarly to hills and trees, in which they can only be accessed by select animals such as bears and dragons. On the ocean , dark green outlines are blue

The oceans appear as a huge body of water in which normally houses ocean animals. Along the shore of the oceans are waves that gently crash against a sand boundary that separates the land area from the oceans. Seaweeds, Kelps, Clams, Conches and Snails spawn in the oceans, as well as in rivers.

There are currently 14 ocean animals in the game (for every land animal there is) with most having an ability.


Nov 21

  • Added (sneak peek of) oceans in the left and right edges of the map.

Nov 22

  • Added 5 new ocean-themed animals : shrimp, trout, crab (walks sideways), squid, + shark (after hippo)
    • (shrimp is equal to mouse, trout = rabbit, etc.)
    • They are auto-branched for now. You have 1/3 chance of spawning in an ocean as a shrimp. Leave the ocean and upgrade to get a land animal, etc.
  • Oceans are now 2 times wider and have a new color.

Nov 24

  • Added ocean-specific food : orange plankton, small ones gives 7 xp, large ones gives 14 xp. Edible by crab and up, and by all land animals (to attract land animals on the water).

Nov 26

  • Added whirlpools where ocean animals + crocodile and hippo can hide from predators, sharks can't use them.
  • Plankton now gives 2 times more XP to higher-level animals, more of it spawns.

Nov 27

  • Whirlpools:
    • Land animals, zebra and below, can now use them.
    • Ocean animals no more lose water quickly inside them.
  • Plankton is now 2 times more common.

Nov 28

  • Four new animals:
    • Seahorse, equivalent to deer (now fox).
    • Jellyfish, grows fast.
    • Turtle, can hide in its shell on land by pressing W, equivalent to zebra.
    • Stingray, equivalent to Lion.
  • Updates to existing animals.
    • Crab can hide in its shell on land like the turtle.

Nov 29

Nov 30

  • New abilities

Dec 1

  • New abilities
    • When recently injured, squids can spit ink with W, and it shocks people inside the ink.
    • Letting go of W shocks people if you are a stingray.

Dec 5

  • Added The Kraken.
    • It sucks every animal in minimum 12s and lasts about 2.5s.
  • Shark is now equal to the hippo, therefore shark upgrades to the Kraken at 550k.

Dec 7

  • Added 3 NEW ANIMALS
    • The Pufferfish, it's special ability is it can inflate for up to 6s!
    • The Swordfish, it's special ability is it can charge just like rhino!
    • The Killer Whale, it has no special ability but it can throw out water and other loot!
  • The Shark now comes before the Killer Whale.

Dec 12

  • You can now choose if you want to spawn in the ocean or the land.
  • All animals (other than kraken/dragon) can now hide in whirlpools.
  • Ocean animals can now upgrade to ocean animals while in lakes.
  • Kraken are now immune to jellyfish stings.

Dec 15

  • New ANIMAL!
    • Octopus is now the Crocs ocean varient!
    • It's special ability is that it can disguise itself into lots of different things!

Dec 18

  • All of the levels now can upgrade from land to ocean or reverse.

March 14

Added 6 new food - Conch , Starfish , Seaweed , Kelp , Clam and Snail


  • Ocean theme has changed to bright in March 17
  • Ocean theme has changed back to dark in March 17
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