UPGRADED to Octopus!
Hold W to use your 'Disguise' ability!
(Hint: wait for prey to bite you- they get stunned!)

The Octopus is the eleventh Ocean Animal in, and is the ocean equivalent of the Crocodile and Polar Bear.


The octopus:


The octopus is rounded (having most of its body parts circular) and orange in color. Similar to Squids and Krakens, an octopus's tail is located on its head, albeit rounded and not pointed. It has four pairs of tentacles appearing on each side appearing as small circles. Around its "tail", few designs are apparent mimicking an octopus's texture in reality.

Due to their ability, octopuses can change their appearance, from seaweeds and kelps, to snails and whirlpools which can be used for both tricking prey and escaping predators.


The Octopus' disguise ability is very useful for catching prey, and it's ink immunity makes it very useful against Squids. (Although going after squids is not recommended because of their low XP)

The most important tip with the octopus is to make sure that your prey bites you. If you let your disguise wear off too soon, you won't benefit from the ink that is sprayed when a prey bites a disguised octopus. The ink can slow down an animal, which can potentially allow you to make a successful kill.

As any disguise, you can move around while disguised. However, if you truly want to deceive players, make sure to stay as stationary as possible, as entities such as seaweeds and kelps do not normally move on their own. You can, however, move to either relocate or with the Snail disguise. Octopuses in the Snail Disguise, however, are larger than normal, and both predators and prey can be suspicious and are not easily deceived. Make sure to move slowly and mimic other snails with their movement in order to accomplish trickery.

Your ability also allows you to both hide, and escape predators, as your ink can slow them down if they bite you. Avoid animals with immunities to ink, namely Dragons, Krakens, and Black Dragons, as your ability may fool them, the ink you will spray will still be useless and ineffective.



  • It was confirmed by being on files on the game before it was realeased.
  • The octopus was the second animal to have been predicted before it was released. Currently the first animal which we have predicted is Dino.
  • The octopus is the third orange animal, the first being the Fox, and the second being Shrimp.
  • The octopus was released on the 15th December update.
  • It is possibly the last ocean animal to be added because the Crocodile was the last animal to get an ocean equivalent.
  • There was a glitch where you would become an island if you were to go in a Whirlpool. And come out, you would become a tiny version of Island. It's also called a "Tiny Grain of Sand" Jokingly by Fans, this was fixed. Though you can still become a Island.
  • The Octopus is the slowest animal on land, besides the Snail.
  • There is a glitch where you can go on hills as Octopus. (You can be completely invisible by disguising as a island while on an island)
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