Green outline

This Mouse has a light green outline, meaning you can eat it.

Outlines are features in Your animal has a dark green outline, while animals that you can eat have a light green outline. Animals that can eat you have a red outline, and sometimes with a glowing green tail, meaning you can tail-bite them. You can eat animals with a light green outline. An Animal with a dark green/blue/gray outline can't eat you but you can't eat them.

Red outline

This Mole has a red outline, meaning it can eat you!


No outline

This Elephant has a blue outline, which means you are in the water and neither one of you can eat each other.


  • On March 14, dark green outlines in Ocean were changed to blue and dark green outlines in the Arctic were changed to gray. Land animals have a Dark Green Outline.
  • Outlines used to be in the older logo of as if Pike's old logo used to have a red outline for the dragon and a light green outline for the mouse, but that was fixed in the final logo, since Dragons can't eat mice!
  • Food also have outlines to tell if it's edible or not, but food never has a red outline. (Food can't eat animals, that would just be weird!)

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