Looking for Special Abilities? Well see this: Special Abilities

Passive Abilities are abilities that are passive. This doesn't require pressing the W button.


This ability is accessible by Crab , Turtle , Seal, Walrus, Bear, Polar Bear, Dragon,Black Dragon Gorilla and it allows to move through green hills and even rocks! Some can only climb hills: Gorilla, Bear, Polar Bear and some can climb both: Seal, Walrus, Dragon, Turtle and Crab .

Throw Stuff

The Throw Stuff ability is accessible by the Killer Whale and the Blue Whale. It throws stuff out of blowhole. It can very by Plankton, Water, or rarely Red or Normal mushrooms.

Tentacle Sting

The Tentacle Sting ability is accessible by the Jellyfish. When a non-jellyfish player attempts to bite its tail, it loses 1% of its XP up to 1k, is dealt a little bit of damage, and gets stunned. However, the jellyfish usually cannot turn in time to eat the prey. This ability has no cooldown, as it is kind of passive. The Kraken and the Dragon are not affected by this.


The gripping ability is accessible by the Reindeer, the Muskox, the Wolf, the Wolverine, the Sabertooth Tiger, the Mammoth, the Yeti and The Dragon This allows for the animal to turn much easier on ice therefore it can get away easily without getting knocked to the side of a hill. Also useful for easily escaping predators that struggle to stand on the ice. Note: Land animals have the worst grip.


The mud ability is accessible by the Pig, Croc, Hippo,Dragon. These animals get a speed boost in the mud. Rhino does move faster than most animals but is slowed down in the mud. So it's kinda like a Dragon in a lake speed. 


The water ability is accessible by the Penguin, Pig, Seal, Mole, Gorilla, Bear, Walrus, Polar Bear, Croc, Rhino, Hippo, Mammoth, Dragon and Black Dragon. These animals get to be faster than other land/arctic animals in the water. Speeds very though. Some are like only 10% faster. While others are 93%. Some are 30%.

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