The Peacock is an animal that was added to the bird chain of Mope io on December 22, 2018  it is part of the Christmas 2018 update.


It has a blue round face with a black beak, 2 white rounding around its eyes and a furry blue feather, peacock's white wings have 5 semi-moons on both wings that resemble the feathers, the tail is green and have orange symbols on them. When the peacock uses its ability, you can have a better look on the green feathers of the tail.


You can use your ability to hypnotize, trap and kill prey. When you’re in this state its almost impossible for them to move, so you don't have to worry that they can escape. The ability also works as a sort of invisible shield for predators. If they come to close, they will get stunned and pushed back. However, it doesn't affect animals that are diving underwater and some animals like dragons can still damage you with their ability from a distance. Its not recommended to go in water or mud as your slow in there. Do not go into the ocean, as there will most likely be a Kraken that sees you as a free -food source. and you can´t use your hypnotizing when Kraken uses its whirlpool. You can also troll animals with your ability for example: if their is a gap between 2 hills/rocks. You could wait until a player comes by, use your ability and make it so that the player is stuck between those hills. This could help for prey so they become unable to escape from you.


  • Its ability can troll predators if you know how to use it.
  • Its the 13th bird added in
  • Its has an ability that works attack- and defensively at the same time.
  • Its the 4th animal that has an protection ability (Others are Crab, Turtle and Hedgehog).

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