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Pigs move FAST through MUD!

The pig is the third land animal in, and the land equivalent of the Crab and Penguin.


The pig:

  • Has a maximum XP capacity of 450 (formerly: 500), at which point it will upgrade to a Mole, Squid or Seal.
  • Can be eaten by all animals between Fox and Lion and their ocean and Arctic equivalents.
  • Moves at normal speed through lakes and a faster speed through mud, making it easier to eat or bite the tails of animals in mud and lakes.


The pig, like its real life counterpart, is colored pink. As it eats, it bloats to become several times larger than its past two upgrades but is still dwarfed by later animals.


Use your speed in mud as an advantage. Not many animals can slide in mud quickly, so passing through the mud is very helpful when you are escaping predators; also, if you are lucky enough, you may find prey in the mud, and since your prey move slow in mud, you should have an easy time eating them. Many mushrooms spawn in the mud, as well as berry bushes, so if you stay in mud, you will upgrade quickly.

If any predators come and chase you, find the nearest Mud patch and slip past through! There are no predators that have your speed in Mud (except for Mole). Like said above, use that Mud to upgrade quickly, since Mushrooms and Carrots spawn frequently in Mud. It is not recommended to go into the Ocean, as there are many water predators, like Sea-horses, Squids, Jellyfish, etc, however, it is usually safe to go into Lakes and sometimes Rivers to farm Mushrooms. If you do like risks, you can try to tail-bite slow predators in Mud.



  • Pigs could not hide in hiding holes before the October 12th update, meaning pigs had no way of hiding before then.
  • It is the first land animal to receive a speed boost when entering water and mud, the next being Crocodile, not counting Mole which can achieve this by digging.


The video showing its new ability

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