(Hold W to inflate- become spiky, and dangerous to touch!)

The Pufferfish is the 9th animal in the ocean foodchain, and it is the ocean equivalent of the Lion, Snow Leopard and the Gorilla.


  • Inflates when the player presses the 'W' button; stuns and damages animals that come in contact with its spikes.
  • Can eat all food and animals below it to the crab and their equivalents
  • Can be eaten by all animals above it
  • Can hide in whirpools, large holes, berry bushes and plankton spots


The pufferfish is brown and oval-ish in shape. it has eyes looking on the right(See picture on the right) and has two fins on each side. When it is inflated, it becomes round and the spikes become much longer. When it's deflated, its spikes look like circles.


Press and hold W to inflate to two times your original size, as well as stick out your body spikes. Your speed will get slower by 50% while inflating. If any animal collides with your body spikes, they will take some damage and are stunned for a brief amount of time. You will take 40% less damage while inflating, and you will automatically deflate after 8 seconds. Or, you can release W to deflate. You can use this ability to escape from predators. Bite their tail, then inflate and escape while you can.

Use this ability when hunting prey. When you get close enough, inflate to stun it, and eat it. To avoid getting tricked by an Octopus in disguise, you should inflate when you're about to eat a snail, zebra, or other object that just might be one.

Another could be when you see a high level animal such as a Kraken or Dragon, press W to inflate and kill it, since your inflate ability is long lasting, it should be very effective. Just don't do it when high level animal has full health, only if you have a team of Pufferfish.

Your main predators will be Eagle and its equivalents. If an Eagle comes, don't inflate. They can still pick you up. Instead, dive. This may be hard to do as sometimes when you press W the game makes you automatically inflate. The same thing goes with Swordfish and Bear, and Shark is likely to attack as well, so don't inflate when you see one, only dive, or at least until it used up its ability.

To level up, eat snails and clams. You can also hunt a Stingray that has just used up its ability, as it takes time to recharge. Inflate and stay inflated so it stays stunned, then kill. Turtle hunting is also recommended.



  • It and Hedgehog is the only animal to increase in size without eating.
  • It used to have an unlimited inflation time, which made it almost invincible.
  • It was added on December 6th update along with the Swordfish and the Killer Whale
  • People usually abuse the Pufferfish's ability to kill Dragons or other high-level animals.