Press W to burrow a hole to hide in!"-

The rabbit is the second tier in, and the equivalent of the Trout and the Arctic Hare.


The Rabbit:


When first upgraded, the Rabbit is really small, even advanced Mice are larger. It's a lighter brown with darker ears, and abnormally large eyes. The minute nose is the same color as the ears, and the tail is a light brown.


As you are a second tier animal, you are really small, giving you quick escapes from predators. No matter how advanced you are, you will be dwarfed by Pigs.

The easiest way to level up is to find a berry bush, or Healing Stones. Either way, be wary of any predators, and albeit your ability grants you the ability to create temporary hiding holes, foxes can easily pull you out or other predators can wait outside your hole until it vanishes and you are exposed.

Mud, dominated mostly by pigs, can spawn in carrots in which a rabbit can eat. A mud spot unguarded by predators while having a handsome amount of carrots is an opportunity to upgrade to the next animal. A few carrots is enough to upgrade you from the rabbit to the pig, in which case, you can easily get resources from mud such as mushrooms and carrots. If you are in a predicament in which a predator has spotted you while in mud (usually pigs), burrow a hiding hole for a quick escape.