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Press W to burrow a hole to hide in!

The rabbit is the second animal in, and the land equivalent of the Trout and Arctic hare.


The rabbit:

  • Can run quicker if you press left click.
  • Upgrades from the Mouse at 50 XP.
  • Has a maximum XP of 200 (formerly: 230), at which point it will become a Pig.


The rabbit, when first upgraded, is perhaps the smallest animal in the game. It is also the first animal with a tail, which unlike most animals' tails, cannot be bitten by its prey. Its body colored brown, with no other notable features


The rabbit is a very small animal, making it useful for you to pass through small spaces. If you ever encounter a predator, your best option is to run away, with your speed slightly higher than others; also, with your small size, you can go through tight spaces to avoid your predator. The easiest way to level up, is to find a berry bush, place down a rabbit hole and camp by the bush, if a predator comes, hide in the hole, also try tail biting any zebras that come by if you are in the rabbit hole



  • Rabbit And Arctic Hare are animals that can create terrain.
  • It's one of the only 3 animals that doesn't have a tail.
  • It got ability at Feb 14
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