The Black berry, also known as Raspberry, is a resource, exclusive to the Land and Arctic biomes.

Unlike other resources, it can spawn from Bushes and Mud, but it can also spawn after pushing two Snowballs together. If enough snow is pushed together, the Snowball will "Explode" possibly releasing blackberries and/or Arctic Nuts as a result.

When it was added, it was exclusive to the Arctic, but it has since migrated to the Land as well, mainly when Deer and Zebra dig for it in Mud.


  • It was added in the Jan 20 update along with the Mammoth, Donkey, and Pear.
  • You could rarely ever find a blackberry in the Ocean.
  • On the Feb 14 update blackberry xp has been halved to prevent easy upgrading
  • Most people are too lazy to combine Snowballs, so instead, they just try and find it on the snow in the Arctic.
  • It used to freeze the animal that ate it but that was removed as of recent updates.
  • Real life Raspberries actually are red, but in the game they are black.
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