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UPGRADED to Reindeer!
Press W to dig up food!
Your sharp hooves let you turn very well on ice!

The Reindeer is the 5th arctic animal in, and is the arctic equivalent of the Deer and Squid.


The Reindeer:

  • Upgrades from the Mole, Sea-horse, or Seal at 2.1k XP.
  • Is equivalent to the regular Deer and the Squid.
  • Upgrades to the Fox, Jellyfish, or Arctic Fox at 4.2k XP.
  • Is almost as fast as a Cheetah, and is faster in the arctic biome, making it the on of the fastest animals on land in the game.
  • Like the Deer, it is slow in water.
  • Can Dig Up Food By Pressing W
  • Can eat Berries, Plankton,Mushroom , Blackberry , Red mushroom , Seaweed , starfish , kelp and all lower animals up to mouse , shrimp and chipmunk
  • Can be eated by all higher animals up to hippo and their equivalents


It looks like a light brown circle with a red nose, tail, scarf, horn and 2 ears.


Make sure to use your traction on ice to your advantage as many animals struggle to move and turn on ice making it easy to catch unsuspecting critters. Also, keep on the lookout for red mushrooms as they will give you a huge xp boost and will make you level up quicker. Dig up food, if possible at the edge of a mud spot. This gives you a large amount of XP and will let you evolve quickly.



  • It looks very similar to the winter deer skin.
  • It was added on the December 26 update along with all arctic animals except Wolverine and Mammoth
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