UPGRADED to Reindeer!
Press W to dig up food!
Your sharp hooves let you turn very well on ice!

The Reindeer is the 5th arctic animal in, and is the arctic equivalent of the Deer and Squid.


The Reindeer:


It looks like a light brown circle with a red nose, tail, red scarf, antlers and 2 light brown ears. It looks very similar to the winter skin of the Deer.


Make sure to use your traction on ice to your advantage as most of your prey struggle to move and turn on ice quickly, making it easy to catch unsuspecting critters. You can also tailbite a predator on ice, which gives a lot of XP, especially if it is a high-tier animal like Polar Bear or Sabertooth Tiger.

You can also dig up food. If possible, the best place to dig food is at the edge of a mud spot. This gives you a large amount of XP and will let you evolve quickly. Also eat cloudberries. They give you lots of XP.



  • It looks very similar to the winter deer skin.
  • It was added in the December 26 update along with all arctic animals except Wolverine and Mammoth
  • It used to throw a snowball.
  • It was the 6th animal before the fox deer switch.
  • It has a red nose, resembling the film character "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."
  • Unlike its cousin, the Deer cannot turn well on Ice.