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Press W to CHARGE with your mighty horn!

The Rhino is the twelfth animal in, and the land equivalent of the Shark and Wolverine.


The rhino:

  • Upgrades from the Crocodile/Polar Bear/Octopus at 105,000 XP.
  • Upgrades to the Hippo, Mammoth or the Killer Whale at 250,000 XP.
  • Can eat everything from the Deer to the Crocodile. and their equivalents and all food items.
  • Can dash like other animals with left click, but can also charge when pressing right click or the W key. This makes the Rhino's horn point straight, and the Rhino rushes forward. When an animal is hit by a charging Rhino, the animal is stunned, knocked back, and loses twice as much health, making the animal easy prey for the Rhino.
  • Can go through mud at a slightly faster speed than other animals.
  • Can pass through and hide in through water spots.


Rhino looks like a gray circle with a horn , ears and a tail


Since the rhino can go through water spots at normal speed, you should hide inside water spots to wait for prey. Make sure to ward off any crocodiles from your water spot, as they are faster than you in mud and they will harass you. Once a cheetah, gorilla, or bear comes by, chase them down and get them to about a quarter of their health left. Once you're confident that you can take them down, get decently close to them and charge! It will deal enough damage and stun them, giving you time to bite and kill them. Rinse & Repeat! If a hippo, Yeti, killer whale, or dragon comes by, charge in the opposite direction and run away. If you have a lot of time to play and you are a patient person, you can simply save your charge for escaping, while chasing down and/or harvesting food without the use of your charge ability.



  • It has an "old" skin, yet it was added after the new skins were added
  • It is the only animal added after the new skins were created to have detail, most other animals are just blobs
  • You can only control the direction of your special boost in the second half of it.
  • The rhino was added in the November 7th update.
  • Used to have a lower turning speed than other animals.
  • Shares the charge ability with the muskox.
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