-UPGRADED to Sabertooth Tiger!
Sabertooth Tigers are great swimmers, dominate the Lakes/Oceans/Mud!

The Sabertooth Tiger, Also known as Smilodon, is the thirteenth animal in, and is the arctic equivalent of the Hippo and Killer Whale.



The Sabertooth Tiger is a brown-orange circle with three dark stripes on its back. Its tail has a dark tip. It has small ears with dark outline and a button nose. On the sides of its nose are two curved fangs, like its extinct counterpart.


If you see prey (preferably Polar Bears and Wolverines), pursue it and slash it with your claws, then eat it before it can revive. If it gets onto a rock, use your ability to knock it off. (The ability sends smaller animals flying.) Use your ability to go over water spots as an advantage. Dive and wait for prey to come, then surprise-attack. You can also try cornering Wolverines in hills since they cannot climb them and you can.

When threatened by a predator (Beware of The Yeti's ability as it is very dangerous), slash it and then run away. Get in a hiding hole until your ability recharges, then it comes, tail-bite it and then slash it so you can get back to the hole. (Beware of The Yeti! as they have a deadly ability) If you repeat the process, it will eventually die from tail-biting or from the scratching and it'll turn into meat. You can also use a hill instead of a hiding hole due to your ability.

Since one claw slash can slash up to 2 animals, your special double slash can slash up to 4 animals at a time! This gives you an advantage against several predators teaming, and can eliminate competition with other Sabertooth Tigers.

If there aren't a lot of animals to eat, there are trees with bananas and coconuts on the border of the Arctic so you can eat those (it is easier for the sabertooth tigers to eat bananas and coconuts since that they can climb trees).



  • it is the only tier 13 animal to be added in the April 18th update.
  • Is the second extinct animal to be added to the game, the first being the Mammoth.
  • It's Upgrade message is a fail. It is copied from the Hippo's message (and they are not good swimmers either lol).
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