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UPGRADED to Sabertooth Tiger!
Sabertooth Tigers are great swimmers, dominate the Lakes/Oceans/Mud!

The Sabortooth Tiger is the thirteenth animal in, and is the arctic equivalent of the Hippo and Killer Whale.


  • It upgrades from Rhino, Shark, Wolverine at 250k xp
  • It upgrades to Elephant, Blue Whale or Mammoth at 500k xp
  • It is the third tier able to go over water spots (The first and second being 11 and 12)
  • Its ability slashes animals on two places, making it deadlier than Bears and Polar Bears


The Sabertooth Tiger is a brown-orange circle with three dark stripes on its back. Its tail has a dark tip. It has small ears with dark outline and a button nose. In front of its nose are two curved fangs, like its real-life counterpart.


If you see prey (preferably Polar Bears and Wolverines), pursue it and slash it with your claws, then eat it before it can revive. If it gets onto a rock, use your ability to knock it off. (The ability sends smaller animals flying.) Use your ability to go over water spots as an advantage. Dive and then surprise-attack.

When threatened by a predator, slash it and then run away. Get in a hiding hole until your ability recharges, then when it comes, tail-bite it and then slash it so you can get back to the hole. If you repeat the process, it will eventually die. You can also use a hill instead of a hiding hole.



  • Only tier 13 animal to be added in the April 18th update.
  • Is the second extinct animal to be added to the game, the first being the Mammoth.

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