An agile hunter!

The Seahorse is the 4 animal in, and the ocean equivalent of the Mole and Seal.


The Seahorse:


The Seahorse is a small animal, being much smaller than its land counterpart. It is colored a quite dark yellow-green, with a proboscis, and four short lines representing the fins. Its tail goes on a spiral shape.


The seahorse is the first ocean animal to be able to eat starfish. starfish give quite alot of xp, and since you can now eat Starfish, eating them is your best way to get to the next animal. You do not have to worry about finding seaweed and starfish since there are a lot of them scattered in the ocean. The seahorse also has a pointed face which allows it to tail bite predators easily.



  • The seahorse was added in the November 28th update, along with three other animals.
  • It is the only animal added in the November 28th Update not to have an ability (Stingray had a sting ability, Jellyfish had stinging tentacles and Turtle could hide in its shell)
  • Is sometimes known as the "mini croc" because it looks very similar to the croc.
  • On March 24 It was swapped with Squid
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