An agile hunter!

The Sea-horse is the 4th animal in, and the ocean equivalent of the Mole and Seal.


The Sea-horse:


The Sea-horse is small, even for its rank, being smaller than even its land counterpart. Its body is a vivid yellow-green, similar to the colours of the Kraken, and it has a row of four spines that come in a darker shade of green.

Unlike many animals, the Sea-horse has a curled tail, and you can even see that it has a small fin on one of the sides. Because of its long proboscis, the Seahorse is adept at biting tails and is a formidable animal - to prey and predator alike.


Try to find a Healing Stone, as they will give you XP VERY quickly. If there are predators around, dive under it so you can avoid them and get XP. If there isn't a Healing Stone around, make do with seaweed. It will give you plenty of XP too.

You'd main predators are Squid and Jellyfish.  If you find a Squid, scram with your boost.  But since a Jellyfish is a pathetic turner, you can have a little fun by outmaneuvering it, and your boost will be an advantage.



  • The Sea-horse was added in the November 28th update, along with three other animals.
  • It is the only animal added in the November 28th Update not to have an ability (Stingray had a sting ability, Jellyfish had stinging tentacles and Turtle could hide in its shell)
  • Is sometimes known as the "mini croc" because it looks very similar to the croc.
  • On March 24 It was swapped with Squid.
  • The description is messing the hyphen in between 'Sea' and 'horse'.
  • Before its boost was added, the upgrade text seemed to hint at its ability, which is speed-related.