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"UPGRADED to Seal!
Seals can slide on ice (Hold W) + can climb hills (rocks too!)"

The Seal is the 4 arctic animal in the game. It is equivalent to the Mole and the Squid.


The seal :


It's a round white circle with eyes that has two gray side flippers and a tail shaped in a V. It also has a small snout in front with a little black button nose


If you want to get quick XP take a tail bite and run to the nearest hill/rock to get away from the angry player you bit. Also use your sliding ability to catch prey that is trying to make a break for it. To escape a predator find a patch of ice and use your slide ability to escape and then run to a hiding hole. If the hole was out of the predator's sight, it will not know where you went so it will go away and you will be safe.



  • Unlike in real life, Sharks cannot eat seals
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