Seals can slide on ice (Hold W) + can climb hills (rocks too!)

The Seal is the 4th Arctic animal in the game. It is equivalent to the Mole and the Sea-horse.


The seal :


It's a round white circle with eyes that has two gray side flippers and a tail shaped in a V. It also has a small snout in front with a little black button nose


If you want to get quick XP take a tail bite and run to the nearest hill/rock to get away from the angry player you bit. Also, use your sliding ability to catch prey that is trying to make a break for it. To escape a predator find a patch of ice and use your slide ability to escape and then run to a hiding hole. However, walruses can also slide on ice, and they can climb rocks and hills too, so it is best to avoid them at all costs. You can also climb on rocks and hills to stay safe from predators, preferably rocks because fewer animals can climb on rocks than hills. If the hole was out of the predator's sight, he will most likely not know where you went you will be safe. Then you can surprise attack the predator when he comes and bite his tail.

If you want to level up safe, just eat black berries and catch chipmunks(food).

Hint: when looking for chipmunks to eat always target the bigger ones. They give more xp.



  • Unlike in real life, Sharks and Orcas cannot eat seals
  • The seal looks like a baby Harp Seal
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