A vicious predator of the oceans!

The Shark is the 12th Ocean animal in, and is the Ocean equivalent of the Rhino, the Eagle, and the Wolverine.


The Shark:


Sharks are large, bluish-gray animals, featuring two oval pectoral fins and a triangular dorsal fin on top, as well as an extended snout with small white teeth. They also have a thin, vertical oval for a caudal fin. They have a slight resemblance to a Swordfish to a new player, though they aren't to be confused with!


Use your Jaws Bite to attack your prey. Press them against a hill; this will force the animal to take extra damage from your bite. They should die within seconds. Another strategy is to force your prey out of the Ocean, where they die of thirst. Watch out for predators and Eagles on land and watch your tail.

When you're at 180k XP, you can swim fast, so you can hunt prey more easily and escape predators more easily, Try looking for Pufferfish, Swordfish, Crocs, Octopi, etc, but by all means go after a Tiger or Bear if you catch one in the ocean. You can also swim faster in ink too (while you use the fast swim). But if you run or escape near a Kraken's whirlpool, you won't escape that easily, because the whirlpool lasts for a long time. Bigger whirlpools last even longer.

An easy way to catch prey is using the boost ability to damage prey, then the bite to finish them off if they don't die. It's near impossible to escape, unless they're a certified Mope escape artist (really rare).



  • The Shark's fin shows above the water when it dives.
    • The Kraken also shares this trait, but it shows tentacles.
    • The Killer Whale also shares this trait but with its blowhole.
    • The Blue Whale also shares this trait but with its blowhole.
    • The T-REX also shares this trait but with its spikes.
    • The King Crab also shares this trait but with its pinchers.
  • It is the first animal with visible teeth; the second is Wolverine; the third is Elephant and Sabertooth tiger.
  • It is the only Ocean animal to change in the food chain.
  • It has been changed around the food chain three times:
  • It used to require 371k/300k to upgrade from the Hippo and 1m/700k to upgrade to the Dragon.
  • The message for using the run boost has a typo, Lose is misspelled as loose.
  • The speeding is now gone, probably because that made the shark overpowered.