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A vicous predator of the oceans!

The shark is the twelfth ocean animal in, and is the ocean equivalent of the Rhino and the Wolverine.



Sharks are large, gray animals, featuring two side fins and a dorsal fin on top, as well as an extended snout with small white teeth. They also have tails.


As a shark you wanna get away from hippos and don't stay in lakes! Your speed boost can come in handy sometimes, like to escape predators. Use your skill wisely!



  • The Shark's fin shows above water when it dives.
    • The Kraken also shares this trait, but it shows tentacles.
    • The Orca also shares this trait but with its blowhole
  • It is the first animal with visible teeth, the second is Wolverine
  • It is the only Ocean animal to change in the food chain
  • It has been changed around the food chain 3
  • It used to cost 371k to upgrade from hippo and 1000k to upgrade into dragon
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