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Mouse This page needs berries to eat in order to become a bigger animal. Please help add information to this article or you will be eaten by a Dragon.

The Snail or Sea Snail it's a food, on, it has Tought to be An animal to be Add to the game.It can be eated by Cheetah , Stingray , Wolf+ When eaten it gives 1.2k - 4k xp.The Seasnail is around a size of mushroom bush. It has been added in march 14 update along with the starfish , kelp , seaweed , clam and conch. they are common. They are moving but they are slow.


  • It has been added on March 14 Update.
  • Like the Conch, it takes a few hits to break.
  • It and starfish are the only animals that are not players.
  • Despite being an animal, it cannot eat anything.
  • Before it's initial release, the snail was seen in the "Upcoming Animals" bar. However, it turned out to be a food.
  • When it was first added, it gave no xp upon breaking
  • It actually gives more exp than the Conch at Croc level as the conch only gives 1k while the snail gives 2.5k
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