The Sea Snail is an AI-controlled, randomly spawning ocean animal in It can be eaten by Cheetah, Stingray and Wolf+. By default, it gives 4k or 5k xp, although it can increase this by biting animals' tails. The snail is around the size of a mushroom bush, although it can become the size of an Octopus after biting a tail. Snails can be pushed by other animals, and they can use whirlpools. It was added in the March 14th Update along with the StarfishKelp, SeaweedClam and Conch. They are pretty common around the Ocean and some parts of River. They move slowly towards random directions, as the Snail‘s AI decides where to go, and they can run away from would-be predators and bite animals' tails, which steals the xp of said animal and increases the snail's size and xp it gives when eaten. Snails like to eat food and get bigger (which makes it give more xp), but they can't eat food above Seaweed. The snail is an ocean animal and will die of thirst quickly when on land, giving at least 3 mushrooms. Snails can eat other animals by biting their tails, at which point they will be enormous.

The snail will defend itself when being bit one to three times by its predators by hiding its head in its shell. When the shell of the snail is being used, the damage dealt to it will be greatly reduced no matter the type of the player's animal.


It can bite animal tails, so be wary if you are extremely low on health. The snail can defend itself with its shell, which may distract you and let other animals eat you. The Octopus can also disguise itself as a fed snail, so be wary of those, especially if you see a snail eating another snail, as that can't happen normally. A good idea is to stun a snail before you eat it to see if it is an Octopus.


  • It was added on the March 14th Update.
  • It and the Chipmunk AI are the only animals that are not players.
  • When it was first added, it gave no xp upon being eaten. This was fixed on March 17th.
  • It actually gives more xp than the Conch at Croc level, as the conch only gives 1k while the snail gives 4k+.
  • Snails are one of the only AI-controlled animals which are never playable.
  • It is the slowest animal in the game.
  • It was the first AI in the game.
  • When they start dying of thirst, they will hide in their shell.
  • Snails can go into small hiding holes when on land.
  • The shell ability of the Snail is similar to the shell ability of the crab and turtle, but Snails can use it in the ocean while crabs and turtles could only hide in their shells when on land.
  • Before the March 24th Update, snails behaved like regular food that takes many hits to break.
  • There is an unused blurb in the code that reads, "You're a super slow snail!", possibly referring to a playable snail tier. Also there is a old design that was used before they became AI.
  • The Snail's hiding ability is like the turtle's, making it the only AI to reduce damage with a shell.
  • When someone uses their ability on it, it will either dive or go into its shell.
  • Sometimes when you chase it, the snail will dive underwater.
  • Snails can also go into whirlpools.

The original design of the snail

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