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The Snail is a food on It can be eaten by Cheetah, Stingray, Wolf+ When eaten it gives 4k-5.5k xp. The Sea snail is around the size of a mushroom bush. It was added in the March 14 Update along with the StarfishKelp, SeaweedClam, and Conch. They are pretty common around the Ocean and some parts of River. They move slowly towards random directions, as the Snail‘s AI decides where to go, and they can run away from would-be predators and bite animals' tails. Snails like to eat plankton, but they can't eat food above Seaweed. The snail is an ocean animal and will die of thirst quickly when on land, giving at least 3 mushrooms.

The snail will defend itself when being bit one to three times by its predators by hiding its head in its shell. When the "defensive mode" of the snail has been activated, the damage dealt will be greatly reduced no matter the type of the player's animal.


  • It has been added on the March 14 Update.
  • Like the Conch, it takes a few hits to break.
  • It and chipmunk are the only animals that are not players.
  • When it was first added, it gave no xp upon breaking. This was fixed on march 17.
  • It actually gives more xp than the Conch at Croc level, as the conch only gives 1k while the snail gives up to 4k.
  • You can try put your tail in front of snails and they might bite it. After several times, you may get eaten by them.
  • It is the slowest animal in the game.
  • It was first AI in the game
  • When they start dying of thirst, they will hide in their shell
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