Oh no! This article is about a scrapped idea that didn't make it into the final update! Please do not delete this page, or the Cobra will poison you.

Snake is a confirmed animal revealed by King of Agario accidentally, that is planned to be released in The Snake is the same tier as Rhino and uses the same skin that the Teddy Bear Mods does. The Boa Constrictor in the Poison Biome may replace it in the future. It lives in the poison biome, but other than that, nothing is really known about it.

It was scrapped after the Boa constrictor was added.


  • KOA has never played as it ever in a video, but it has been seen in his edible animals bar.
  • This is the only animal to be scrapped.
Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 6.20.07 PM
Scrapped Animals

Snake Snake

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