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Looking for Passive Abilities? Well see this: Passive Abilities

This page lists all the Special Abilities in the game. These abilities can be used only by certain animals and require the pressing of RMB or 'W' for it to activate. Abilities can damage food.

Claw Slash

The Claw Slash ability is accessible by the Bear and Polar Bear and it's used against prey/predators to damage and stun them! It has an 8 second cooldown. It stuns predators for a great 3 seconds!

Double Claw Slash

The Double Claw Slash ability is accessible by the Sabertooth Tiger. It is a better version of the Claw Slash ability. Use it to stun prey and predators for a great 3 seconds.

Burrow Hole

The Burrow Hole ability is accessible by the Rabbit and Arctic Hare It helps you escape from bigger predators! Just press W! It only makes a small hole that only fox and below can hide in it! It has a big cooldown!

Pull from Hole

It can be done by the fox and arctic fox, when you go into a hole you'll auto pull a animal (2 animals max)! So when you activate that, and there is someone inside the hole and you put them out, then they have to find new holes!


The Hide In Shell ability is one of two abilities accessible by multiple animals. This ability allows the Crab and the Turtle to hide in their shell by holding right-click or W. While hiding in their shell, damage taken and XP loss is reduced by 70%, but speed is also reduced by 50%. This ability can only be used on land.


The Squid Ink ability is accessible by the Squid. When injured, if the player presses W within a couple of seconds, the player squirts ink, stunning all players that come in contact with it for five seconds. This is the only ability that can stun underwater players. It can only be used if the player does not have a full health bar, but did three seconds before. The Octopus can also use this ability but only when animals lower than it bite its disguised form.

Hold to Dig

The Dig ability is accessible by the Mole. if the player is holding right-click or W , they dig underground, ignoring the slowing effect of mud. However, there was a downside: the player couldn't dive (but now can). It has no cooldown.


The Electric Shock ability is accessible by the Stingray. When the player presses W, the stingray lets out a shock in a small area, stunning anyone including animals the stingray cannot normally eat and damaging them for about 5 seconds. It has a nine-and-a-half-second cooldown.

Bite Drag

The Bite Drag is accessible by the croc. if the player is holding W or right click , the croc will pull animal that touch the chomp texture.

Roll snow

The Roll snow is accessible by the mammoth. if the player is holding W or right click rolls a snowball that will become bigger on rolling, hence the freeze effect on impact.


The fire breath ability is accessible by the Dragon and Black Dragon. They can shoot short-ranged fireballs that damage on impact and light the prey on fire. When on fire, you take light damage, and your water bar will drain 3x faster. The only way to stop fire is to go into a lake or an ocean or to drink water drops (shoot water at on-fire animals to help friends!). 2 sec cooldown. Black Dragon can shoot 2 fireballs (3 if 20M+ xp) which do more knockback.


The kick ability can be done by the donkey! If the player press W or right click he will kick and stun enemy , you can use this against predators and tailbiters. The Blue whale has a similar ability to the Donkey.


The Inflating ability is accessible by the Pufferfish. When pressing W, it grows itself to double size, and emerges spikes that stab any animals on contact except other Pufferfishes, also reduce damage taken by 40%. It has a six-second cooldown, and can only stay in the form for 8 seconds.


The diving ability can be done by everyone except the Black Dragon. It allows the player to go underwater and back up when they lose oxygen and need to come back up for air. Some animals can dive for longer times. The kraken has the longest time with 1 min 15 secs (75 secs). When you get hitted by a predator , the dive cooldown resets


The Charge ability is accessible by the Rhino , Swordfish and MuskOx. When the player presses W, the respective animal charges very fast, but it cannot turn until halfway through the charge. If it hits an animal, the animal will be dealt 1.7x damage that it normally would, and it will be stunned. The Rhino and Swordfish can both dive and use regular boosting. It has a five-second cooldown. The Rhino's charge stuns for 1.5 seconds while the Swordfish's charge only stuns for approximately 1 second.

Trunk Hit

The Trunk Hit is accessible by the Elephant. It allows players to stun prey are predators. It recharges after 4 seconds. Can also be used to get food from trees.


The Whirlpool ability is accessible by the Kraken. When it presses W, it creates a whirlpool, sucking nearby animals and food in and stunning those directly hit. It does not stun animals underwater or animals that walk into the whirlpool, only ones that are above water and are in the whirlpool when it spawns. It has a twelve-second cool-down.


The disguise ability is accessible by the Octopus and The Yeti!. The Octopus can turn into:

If a prey hits a disguised octopus, the disguise will vanish and the prey will get inked.

The Yeti can disguise itself as snow.

Tail Slap

The Tail Slap ability is accessible by the Blue Whale. It's one of the strongest abilities of all time. Use it as a way to kill krakens/catch prey.

Slide on ice

The sliding ability is an ability which is accessible to the Penguin, the Seal, and the Walrus. While on ice and holding W, the player slides. When sliding, the animal moves 1.7x faster and turns much more easier. Sliding animals are outlined with a larger gray circle. The ability has a cool-down of about half a second.


The freeze ability is accessible by the Yeti. When used it freezes prey (but also makes the predator stand in place for a little so that the prey have an easier time escaping)! The yeti can also disguise itself into a snowball and when the yeti releases W it will get back to yeti and freeze the surrounding animals in a range of middle see below what a middle or average size looks like!

Loud Noise

The Loud Noise ability is accessible by the Lion, the Wolverine and the Hippo. It stuns any prey that gets in the way of the Roar field, slowing them down. It may even deal damage to the animal hit. However, the Groan ability has a different method. Whenever the hippo is in the water it lets out a bigger groan like the big roar. Special messages above it will appear when the ability is activated.


The Howl ability is an ability exclusive to the Wolf. When used, the player lets out a howl in the direction they are facing. The howl creates a slow-moving circular projectile, which "scares" animals, causing them to be slowed and be carried away by the howl.

Extra Boost

The extra-boost ability is accessible by three animals: Cheetah, Snow leopard, and Shark. Whenever these animals press W they get a boost. It does not stun like the dig ability. It has a cooldown of 8 sec. The Shark's and The Killer Whale's extra-boost can only be used in water. The Killer Whale no longer can use this ability prior to February 19, 2017.

Throw Banana

The Throw Banana ability is accessible by the Gorilla. If the player is on a hill and press W or right click he will throw banana which will stun prey/predators! There are 1/5 changes that player will throw coconut

Dig Food

The Dig Food ability is accessible by the Deer, Reindeer and Zebra. When the player presses W or right click he will dig up food items. You will get better food when digging in Mud.

Cause Wave

The Cause Waves ability is accessible by the Killer Whale. When the player presses W or right click he will make a waves which will stun and wash away predators and prey, even diving animals!

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