Use electric shock (Release W key!) to shock animals!
(Takes time to recharge)

The stingray is the eighth ocean animal in, and the ocean equivalent of the Cheetah


The Stingray:


The Stingray is colored gable green and has two triangular fins with a lighter hue at the tip of it, the same lighter hue that outlines the eyes in an egg shape. It has 2 flaps on its sides and a slender tail. Something that many new players don't know about the Stingray is that it is able to become the smallest animal in the game, given that it loses enough XP. For Christmas, the Stingray has got a big Santa hat above its eyes.


Leveling up: The best way to level up as the sting ray is to zap Turtles and while they are stunned, kill the animal that you zapped. Just eating Turtles will not get you to the next level so you must eat a few Mushroom Bushes also. Another way to level up takes a few minutes but you can get to a very high level, you use your zap power to kill high- level animals (Crocodile, Rhino, Hippo, Dragon, and their equivalents).

As the first animal to be able to eat snails, the first thing you should do as a stingray is to find snails in the ocean and eat them. Snails give a large amount of xp so levelling up should be easy as long as there are a lot of snails to eat.

The Stingray has been nerfed as of the December 2nd update, giving the Stingray's sting a much larger cooldown, and also being unable to hurt diving animals. This provides a larger window to attack the Stingray, making it much more punishing if you miss your ability against predators.

Your sting ability should be used in most situations, either to escape a predator, to try and catch someone while they're stunned or to purposefully use the damage to finish off a weakened animal. However, be aware that the range of the ability is very small, so missing it is common, so try not to use it too hastily.

Riskily, you want to plan your dives carefully, since you can mistake using the sting and wasting it. In that case, try not to dive if your sting has recharged.



  • The Stingray was added on November 28th, along with the seahorse, jellyfish, and turtle.
  • Sting damage used to overlap with other zaps, and you used to be able to be stung while diving
  • When upgrading, there is a typo in the upgrade message, which "electric" is misspelled as "electic."
  • When you choose Stingray at 7.9k it is misspelled as "Stringray".
  • It used to have a Lion land counterpart but it was changed to Cheetah in an update, probably because of how lions hunt cheetahs. (so in older times it upgraded to Cheetah, not into Lion).
  • Old message said: "Upgraded to STINGRAY! Glide around and eat turtles!".
  • This is the only animal which can STING!

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