Terrain plays an important role in there are 16 kinds of terrain, some terrain will allow Animals to pass through, and others not.

List of terrain

Name Graphic Rarity Spawn In Which animal can hide in/climb it?
Bush Bush Common Land/Ocean/Arctic All Animals
Berry Bush BerryBush Common Land/Ocean/Arctic Fox/Squid/Seal+
Water Spot WaterSource Common Land/Arctic Croc+
Plankton Bush PlanktonBush22 Common Ocean Squid+
Hiding hole Hole Common Ocean/Arctic/Land All Animals up to Fox
Cave BigHole Rare Ocean/Land/Arctic All Animals except Dragon/Kraken/The Yeti
Whirlpool Whirpool Rare Ocean All Animals except Dragon/Kraken/The Yeti
Hill Hill Common Ocean/Land/Arctic Crab/Seal/Turtle/Gorilla/Walrus/Bear/Polar Bear/Dragon
Rock Rock Rare Ocean/Land/Arctic Crab/Seal/Turtle/Walrus/Dragon
Mud MudObstacle2 Very Rare Land All animals, some faster than others
Lake LakeObstacle2 Very Rare Land All animals, some swim faster than others
Island SandObstacle2 Very Rare Lake All animals
Ice Rare Arctic All animals, some immune to sliding
River River Very Rare Land All animals, some immune to river current
Healing Stone HealingStone Rare Arctic/Land/Ocean Dragon/Black Dragon
Bush BushBerryBush Berry BushWaterSource Water SpotPlanktonBush22 Plankton SpotHole Hiding holeBigHoleCaveHill HillRock RockMudObstacle2 MudLakeObstacle2 LakeSandObstacle2 IslandIceWhirpoolWhirlpoolRiver River
GrassTerrarin22 LandOceanTerrain22 OceanSnowyTerrain22 Arctic

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