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Terrorize the oceans, and be feared by all!
(Release W to use whirlpool ability!)

The Kraken is the fourteenth and final Ocean Animal in, and is the ocean equivalent of the Dragon and The Yeti!


The Kraken:

  • Upgrades from the Killer Whale, Hippo or Mammoth at 550k XP.
  • Can eat all animals below it to Deer.
  • Can't be truly eaten by anything, but can still die of thirst, burning, or tail-biting.
  • Can't be inked nor stung by jellyfishes.
  • Press and release W to create a giant whirlpool that sucks in all animals in the proximity and stuns them, allowing you to attack and eat them while they cannot escape.
  • Can stay underwater for 5 min (longer than any other animal).


The Kraken is a large animal, actually, it can become the largest animal in the game as it comes closer to 5000k. It is colored sushi and has two small eyes. It has 2 small tentacles in front of it, and 6 darker ones around it. Its massive, triangular tail is embellished by two darker-color caudal fins, one at each side.


Always stay in the ocean, since you are the top animal there. Eating animals is the best way to get as much XP as possible. If you want to quickly eat animals, then you can use your whirlpool ability as either an attack or surprise element.

If you want to go straight into eating prey, then chase your victim and if you are close enough, use your whirlpool ability to eat or get a few bites out of the animal.

If you want to go stealthily, then dive under a hill and wait. You should have a long time under the hill since your diving time is long. When an animal gets close, pop out of the hill and use your whirlpool to eat them!

Your tail is also quite long, so beware of tail-biters.



  • The Kraken's graphics are reminiscent to the Squid's, but it is much larger, darker and has more tentacles.
  • The Kraken was added in the December 5th update.
  • It is the only animal to have the entire changelog belonging to itself. ("BEWARE THE KRAKEN!")
  • When underwater, it shows 4 tentacles, similar to the Killer Whale and Shark.
  • The Kraken was believed to have the longest diving air bar in the game. But now it's believed by many that it's the same as the hippo's air bar. However that's not true!
  • The Yeti!, the Dragon and this animal are all mythical creatures and are the top predators of the food chain in their respective biomes.
  • The Kraken was first animal with "The" in it's name
  • There was a glitch were if a Kraken went over a whirlpool, it would push out all animals inside of it.
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