UPGRADED to Toucan!

Hold W to fly around. Release to throw Food items!

The Toucan was a bird added to Beta on June 8th, 2018. It is equivalent to Lion, Gorilla, Pufferfish, and Snow Leopard.It has 5 different skins each have a difficulty of rareness to get as well as unique "advantages".It has been released to official on June 19, 2018.


  • Upgrades from Cheetah, Giraffe, Stingray, Wolf, or Snowy Owl at 15K XP.
  • Upgrades to Bear, Cobra, Swordfish, Pelican, or Walrus at 28.5K XP.
  • Has 5 different skins that it spawns with at random, with some being rarer than others.
  • Its ability is the same as a Pigeon on land, but if you visited a food source (banana/coconut tree, berry/plankton/raspberry/acorn/pear/cloudberry bush) before you fly, when you release 'w,' you throw the food you got at the food source. All stuns are the same amount of time except the Coconut, which stuns for a long time.
  • The fire red Toucan is immune to lava, but can still catch on fire from fireballs.


When hunting for prey, just fly in front of them and have a good meal. You can also fly into an unsuspecting predator's tail, and bite them. If hunting and tail-biting are not your bread and butter, then just farm off of Ducks or pears. If you get chased by a predator, simply fly away. If you just flew into the ocean, and a predator is chasing you, dive to help with your flight, and once your ability has been recharged, fly away into either a whirlpool or onto land, as either work. If you do decide to enter a whirlpool and the predator still wants you even while you are there, dive out when you need water. Once you are satisfied with your water bar, and confident you can get away, fly away.

If you want free tail-bites, get coconuts ready and help a predator catch its prey by stunning them with said coconuts. If they want to thank you, they will most likely let you bite them, and then you can claim your reward.

There are many crafty things you can do with the fire red Toucan's immunity to lava. The most obvious one is to fly in and try to bite a Dragon, Phoenix, or Black Dragon's tail. Another not-so-obvious thing to do is to bait a predator into the lava so the lava can cook it. Then, you can have a nice meal.



The Toco Toucan. Basic looking design, no special features.

Toucan (3)

The Fiery-Billed Toucan. Flies 15% faster.

Toucan (4)

The Keel-Billed Toucan. Can fly for 3 extra seconds.

Toucan (2)

The legendary Lava Toucan. Has 25% more health, is immune to lava, and can throw fire if it was in lava last.

Touc Lake

Two Toucans at a lake with many food sources, and a sneaky Boa Constrictor at the top right.

Toucan (1)

The Choco Toucan. Has its ability recharge 15% faster.


A Toucan storm!

Touc rekage

A Toucan attempting to throw a coconut (under the bush) at a Black Dragon, while another Toucan hangs over the BD.


The Toucan storm advanced to the Ocean!

Touc bd

a Toucan next to two Black Dragons


A rare Choco Toucan in action

Touc heaven

A Toucan ready to have many bananas and coconuts. He might wanna watch out for the Eagle and other potential predators, though...

Touc Destroyage

A Lava Toucan that stole a Phoenix kill from a Dragon


  • The Toucan is the lowest possible animal you can be that is immune to lava, provided you get lucky and get the 1% chance of the Lava Toucan.
  • This is the first animal to have Skin Differences, with 5 of them, at that.
  • The Toucan's ability has the most different potentials (throw nothing, a red berry, plankton, raspberry, cloudberry, pear, acorn, banana, coconut, fire).
  • The Fiery-Billed Toucan might be a reference to the Normal/Flying-Type Pokemon "Toucannon".