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Trees are structures in They always have a 1/3 chance to spawn coconuts, and they have a 2/3 chance spawn out bananas. Its design is just like a big and lighter hill since it has a bush on it. Only Seal, Crab, Turtle, Gorilla, Bear, Walrus, Polar Bear, Dragon, and Black Dragon can climb or fly over it.

Trees cannot spawn both coconuts and bananas. They spawn either one.


A Banana Tree


  • There was a rare bug where a coconut tree would spawn coconuts rapidly allowing most animals to become Dragons in a matter of minutes. However, this bug has been fixed.
  • There was a rare bug where a banana tree would spawn bananas rapidly allowing most animals to become Dragons in a matter of seconds. This bug's chance has been reduced greatly, but may still happen.
  • Overlapping trees of different types seem to spawn both.
  • Gorilla's ability said it needed to be touching a tree to throw items. This is false, as it can throw bananas and coconuts if you touch a hill or tree
  • Unlike bushes, the leaf-like things on a tree cannot shelter you.

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