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The Tsunami is an upcoming natural disaster to, revealed by momo gamer. Any animal can be affected by the Tsunami, except for Black Dragons. In K.O.A.'s video, the Black Dragon was completely unaffected but Dragons were still slightly affected. To Dragons this will most likely be like the river current.


The Tsunami looks like a bunch of huge orca waves, coming out of a circle. It spreads far from the ocean.


  • It was revealed the same time as the Boa Constrictor, the Black Cobra, and the Giant Spider.
  • You can gain experience by standing in the Tsunami, but this feature may be removed soon.
  • Berry bushes and Bushes overlap the Tsunami.
  • Only animals with a passive flying ability won't be affected by the Tsunami


Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 11.48.15 PM