Lives well on land & water! (On land, Press W to go into your shell!)

The turtle is the seventh ocean animal in, and is the ocean equivalent of the Zebra, Donkey and Muskox.


The turtle:

  • Can be eaten by everything above itself.
  • Moves 10% slower on land much like Crab
  • Water drains slower than most ocean animals
  • Can climb hills and rocks in a river or on land.


The turtle has a brown shell with 5 larger circles and 4 smaller ones all being a lighter tone than his shell. The head is circular and the tail is triangular. Both are green in color. When players enter their shell, the head and tail disappear, and only the shell is visible.


When players hold "W" on land, the Turtle enters its shell, decreases damage and XP loss by 70%, and speed by 50%

The player can also use the advantage of reduced water loss in escaping predators from the ocean, as you can surface to land while being chased, leaving the predator to give up.

You can also hide in your shell to reduce damage and have time to plan an escape route.

Levelling up: go to a lake and eat pears and mushroom bushes.



  • The turtle can hide in its shell by pressing W(on land), like the Crab, which received the same feature the same day the turtle was added.
    • It reduces damage and XP loss by 70%, and speed by 50%.
  • The turtle was added on November 28th, along with the Seahorse, Jellyfish, and Stingray
  • It has the third longest tail of all animals, behind the squid, and kraken