Today was an awesome week for! We got new elephants and cool blue whales!

Changelog For 17w16

17w16a (April 18)

Elephant Possible Desi

-NEW: Huge Elephant animal! Elephants are above hippo, have a powerful trunk ability!

-NEW: Blue whale animal! Huge, blows water, has a powerful tail slap ability!

-NEW: Sabertooth tiger (in the arctic), has double-claw ability

-Dragons can now move through each other (to fight better!)

-Dragon is now 1m xp to get, elephant/blue whale is 500k, mammoth moved up to elephant lvl

-Tail-bite xp gain is now limited to 2X your current xp (reduce instant-dragons for low lvl animals)

-Russian servers were put in the Europe region (most were hosted in germany anyways)

-blue whale's tail stuns extra long (4 seconds for prey!)

-elephants can shoot water 2x faster (long trunk)

-elephants can reach food/ animals with their long trunk

-water shooting speed increased 50%

-added adblocker message

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