Bug fixes...

Changelog For 17w17

17w17a (April 24)

-April 24 5PM EST- Fixed black dragon crash bug

-Fixed bugs with diving, balanced elephant (faster in water, smaller in size) and whale (ability is a bit slower, krakens no longer fear it!)

- Kraken whirlpools size increased (its balanced with whales now)

- Whale has +1s cooldown

- Whale stun is -1.5 for predators and -1s for preys.

- Mammoth ability cooldown increased to +1s

- Elephant speed in water is same as hippo

- Elephant/Whale/Mammoth is less than Dragon tier so they dont look so big if they are fully grown

- Dragon fireball reached has been increased by 25%

- Animals can dive after 2s of last tail bite

- Fixed black dragon downgrade bug, along with several other bugs

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