I've noticed that many pages have excessive exclamation marks and other errors, but many staff members aren't cooperating in a mature and helpful manner. We need to start cleaning up — we're an official wiki. There are still many places where pages have horrific grammar, so I'll start off this blog by listing some errors. Starting now, everyone should endeavour to remedy these. I will create a template for marking poorly-written pages, so it will be easy to spot the ones that are direly in need of help.

  1. Using exclamation marks except when it's really needed. This is a wiki, not a blog.
  2. Writing in the 1st (I think) or 2nd (you should) person, instead of the 3rd person (the player, etc.). Again, not a blog.
  3. Spelling counts.
  4. Use bullet points properly — ideas all in the same paragraph should be on one bullet point, with related ideas in sub-bullets.
  5. Et cetera.

There are also many stubby pages, most notably the ones concerning the Devs. These should be merged into one page, as the info about them that is still somewhat related to is limited and not enough for each of them to get their own page. The problematic pages are:

  1. Galactica55
  2. Clickstan
  3. Pike!

In addition, the Staff page, which is imported from the Wikia, still has many leftovers like references to a Senior Council and inconsistencies in position names. I will work closely with the active bureaucrats to decide on proper names and clean up the page personally. In the meantime, I advise all Staff to act as if they are leading an officially dev-recognised wiki with thousands of views daily, and not as if they are minors running this as a funny hobby. Yes, it's fun, but this is important! Let's work together to clean up this wiki, so we can have more people, greater potential, and build a thriving wiki! :D