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This article is about the water resource. For the large bodies of water, see Lake.


The water bar. Don't let this get empty...


...or else this will happen!

Water is an important resource for player survival in Not only is water required to live in the first place, it is also needed to dash/run away from predators. Water is also a main component in large lakes and oceans

Water drop


A water drop.

The water drop is a unit of water that spawns from water spots. Collecting water drops is one method of filling an animal's water bar, the other three methods are swimming in a lake, going into mud, and swimming in the Ocean. Players can spit out water drops by pressing W (won't work if in a lake or ocean).

Players, when killed, drop varying amounts of Water Drops, depending on how full their Water Bar was. Players with a 90% or higher water bar drop 4 Water Drops; 60% or higher drop 3 Water Drops; 30% or higher drop 2 drops; and with 29% or lower water you only drop 1 drop. Players, when they die of thirst, explode into a pile of mushrooms. Orcas when they dive can end up generating a pile of water drops spread apart.

When enough water drops collide with a mushroom, it splits apart into berries. If enough water drops collide with a red mushroom, it splits into berries and mushrooms.

Water spot

Water Spots are land features that spawn water drops at the same rate as Berries spawn from Berry Bushes, and they otherwise spawn more often in Mud. Hippos, Crocodiles, Dragons and Rhinos and their equivalents are able to dive in ponds


  • When an Orca dives underwater, some water drops will come out of its blowhole.
  • Before the update on February 14, 2017, Water droplets were outlined in dark green. Now they are outlined in light green to indicate that they can be eaten. (On Oct 26th the water was outlined in light green, but on Oct 27th it was back to dark green)
  • Animals Croc+ can dive in them
  • In the March 14 2017 update, Water spots were change to be like little puddles that high lvl animals (croc+) can swim in them! (Great hunting spot)
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