UPGRADED to Wolverine!
Press W to Let out a Powerful GROWL! (Knocks back prey!)

The Wolverine is the 12th Arctic animal in, and is equivalent to Rhino and Shark.



Wolverine looks like a brown circle with 2 ears, teeth that are the same as the ones on Shark but bigger, and an ellipse tail.


Your growl ability can be used to either slow down prey or escape predators.

If you are hunting, make sure that you use your growl against your prey, but before you do so, you must make sure that you are close enough, otherwise you will miss and your prey could get away. Be wary that your ability knocks the prey back, so once you growl, eat it at once.

If escaping a predator, growl if it is in range. Once the predator is stunned, you should have a few seconds to escape. It is better if you're on ice because the ability knocks it back, and it'll knock it back further on ice (ice is very slippery).

A recent update enables you to get outside of the Arctic.  Use it to your advantage.  A good idea is to go back and forth.  For example, when there's a land predator go into the Arctic, and vice versa.  Your best bet for food is the Bear and Polar Bear.



  • It is one of the few Arctic animals to be added after the December 26th Update, along with the sabertooth and mammoth.
  • It and the Shark are the only animals with lots of visible teeth, and, coincidentally are on the same tier.