The Woodpecker is a new bird added in It can Fly off hills and trees and can stun other animals and damage prey with its pecking ability.


The woodpecker has a black feathered body with a red head and a black beak. The top end of its tail is white . The front of its main body is also white and the stripes on the wings must resemble the feathers.


Search for Mice, Chickens, Rabbits, or other prey and try to eat them using your pecking ability. Try using your flying ability on hills as a shortcut to get to food quicker. Avoid water and mud, as that makes you go slower. Quick ways to level up include using Healing Stones, Carrots/Honeycombs, and lower-level animals.


  • It's the 12th bird added in
  • It was supposed to be in the Pig tier, but it's currently in the Mole tier.
  • It replaces the Pigeon from the Mole tier (the Pigeon is moved to the Rabbit tier)

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