The XP bar. Fill it up to reach the next animal.

XP, an abbreviation for Experience (stylized as EXP in some cases) is a measure of how much food and prey an animal has consumed. Once a player reaches a certain amount of experience, their animal evolves into the next animal. Experience can be earned by eating food, biting predator tails, eating another animal, or feeding on Healing Stones.

Since Oct 10th, any XP above 1,000 now reads like 1k, but if there is 1,100 XP it reads 1.1k.

Since Dec 25th, any XP above 1,000k doesn't have a decimal point.

Since Feb 19th, any XP above 1,000k now reads 1m but if there is 1,010k XP it reads 1.01m. The same applies with billions.

Since April 18th, any XP above 1,000 now has an extra number after the decimal, and the letter after is uppercased.

List of XP requirements

These are the amounts of XP you need to reach for each animal, as of April 18th:

XP given by: