Press W to dig up food!
Tip: Dig in mud for better food!

The Zebra is the seventh animal in and is the land equivalent of the Donkey, Turtle, and Muskox.


The zebra:

  • Has a maximum XP capacity of 7.9k, at which point it upgrades to the Cheetah, Wolf, or Stingray.
  • Can be eaten by all animals above it.
  • Can Dig Up Food By Pressing W.


The zebra has a white body with 3 black stripes on its back; it also has a thin but rather long tail, a black long nose and a mane on its neck.


Zebra now has an ability to dig food, but this doesn't mean it is no longer vulnerable to predators/enemies. However, on the bright side, it is also the first animal who can eat mushroom bushes; therefore, the first thing one should do to gain XP is to find and eat mushroom bushes. They give quite a lot of XP, and since one only needs a few thousand XP to evolve, leveling up is easy as long as mushroom bushes are plentiful.



  • The zebra, along with the Mole, was added in the October 26th update.
  • It is one of the few animals to have its upgrade positions changed — it used to upgrade from the Cheetah, and upgrade to the bear.
  • Even though the old message said so, zebras could NOT eat Lions back in the day. Instead, they coexisted.
    • The old upgrade message said "Upgraded to Zebra: You can now eat Red Mushroom Bushes! Also, zebras eat lions (HUH!)"
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